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Manufacturing since 1950

Original cedar venetians from certified forests.

Seaforth Venetians owned & operated by one family for over 68 years


Seaforth Venetians manufacture quality made to measure venetian blinds for inside and outside applications. Made of durable Canadian Cedar the blinds provide the beauty of natural timber with the versatility of venetians. Seaforth Cedar Blinds add style and warmth to any home or office. Imported from British Columbia & Alaska. Western Red Cedar combines some of the best features of timber while still being relatively inexpensive. Probably the most striking feature is the colour variation, from deep chocolate browns through to light honey  colours. Cedar is also very stable in hot or moisture conditions and for this reason is one of the only timbers suitable for venetian blinds. Seaforth Manufacturing Company, under the one management, has specialized in making cedar venetians for over fifty  years. It's for this reason they are considered the experts in the field. Suppliers to the State Government and the National Trust, Seaforth Venetians can be seen complementing buildings all over the nation. Whether in the home or workplace... indoors or outdoors... to suit classic, contemporary or even hi-tech... cedar blinds will not only compliment & enhance your decor but will also provide a functional service for many years to come.


Finished Projects.

Court Houses;

Walgett , Cowra, Orange,

Inverell, Nowra, Newcastle, Dubbo,  

Industrial Commission, Central.


Parks Police Station, The Sydney Cove Authority,

NSW Medical Board, Combank Syd Uni, Hyde Park Barracks,

Justice & Police Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens,

Chief SEC Building, Parliament House Sydney, Mint Sydney,

Government Printing Office, Art Council Australia,

Youth & Community, Historic Houses Trust, Lord Howe Island Museum Trust


Glen Murcutt, Alan Jack & Cottier, Burton & Halliday, Luigi Rosselli,

Stutchbury & Pape, Alasdaiar Macdonald, Alexander Tzannes Assoc,

Andre Porebski Assoc, Viv Fraser Assoc.


Giro Construction, Gunlake Constructions, Transfields,

Ant Building, Berem Constructions, Dinham Constructions.    


Bora Bora, Hayman Island.


Pharlap, Umbrella Woman, Till the End of the Earth, Body Line,

Home and Away, Producers, celebrities, cast and crew; you could

say just about the job lot, but we won't be so bold to name them.


more than 80,000 over 68 years.


Products and services

- Aluminium Blinds

-Outdoor Aluminium blinds

-Outdoor cedar blinds

-Indoor cedar blinds

-Cellular blinds

-Lumen blinds

-Roller blinds

-Roman blinds

-Timber Style blinds-

-Vertical blinds

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To suit any window or outside area. Seaforth blinds has a blind for it!

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